Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tomatillo Salsa

I'd never cooked with tomatillos before they appeared in my kitchen a few days ago. And as it turns out, I knew less about them than I thought I did.


I set out to make Tomatillo Salsa, since I had no idea what else one does with them...and after a long weekend of cooking, I didn't have much energy to look into it. I expected to just chop them up and mix them up with ingredients similar to those in regular salsa. But I was wrong.

I used a recipe from Cooking Light (I swear you cannot go wrong with their recipes), and learned that tomatillos actually need to be cooked in order to use them. I was a little taken back when I put the whole tomatillos in the heated skillet, and they began making a loud squeaking sound as I stirred them around. Bizarre.

making tomatillo salsa

Though the process was very different than I had expected, the end result was so yummy. I think this salsa would be best enjoyed on top of something simple so you can really enjoy the flavors. I think I might try it on a quesadilla tonight with a little sour cream.

Tomatillo Salsa

p.s. Thanks to all of you who have already found my blog and shown your support with your lovely comments! Its a little scary getting out there for the first time, and you've made me feel so welcome!

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