Saturday, September 13, 2008

outside and inside

September has taken its seat and settled in. Its cold cold nights and scorching days have left me changing my clothes multiple times a day and doing my best to savor these last bits of summer.

We've tried to spend as much time outside as possible during the daylight and curled up with movies at night.

Here were some of the goodies from our week:

Smith & Bybee Wetlands just minutes from my house.

Smith & Bybee Wetlands Trail

Smith & Bybee Wetland grasses

Blue Heron

Its hard to believe that all this exists just a couple hundred yards from a major road in the city. You've got to love Portland.

You've also just got to see this movie, Bella.

For the serious movie-lover, it is a unique gem of a movie that appealed to all the senses. It is unpretentious, and lacks the banal Hollywood movie formula that I have grown so tired of.

For those who just want a little eye candy, the lead role is a serious hottie. And who doesn't like that?


Dana said...

Your neck of the woods looks BEAUTIFUL!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

This movie looks fantastic. I too have grown tired of the Hollywood movies. The last one I saw with Patrick Dempsey was so predictable and stale. I'm going to try to get a hold of this film. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jackie said...

i agree made of honor stunk btw. but what i really wanted to mention was how nice those pictures are. so lovely.

someone else told me i should see bella recently... now i definitely have to check it out.