Monday, November 17, 2008

churches and webs

This past week has been an interesting one. My son and I both caught nasty cold-type bugs and while he recovered quickly, I have been out for the count. For seven days, my life has mostly consisted of sleep, getting the things that HAD to be done, done (exciting things like laundry and dishes and feeding the cat) - and trying to assure my husband that I do want to spend time with him but I am simply too exhauste-----zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, Ben.

I often wonder how many of you bloggers do it all. Visit lovely places, take exquisite pictures, upload them, write about them, comment on other people's blogs, create amazing handcrafted products and sell them at local craft fairs... It simply amazes me, the webs you spin, and here I am running at a mad speed, trying to keep up.

I do wonder, do you work outside your home? Do you have children? These are the things that occupy most of my days and weeks, sometimes keeping me from attending to my blog. But sometimes, I get creative and am able to find inspiration without even stepping outside of my daily life.

Last week, I took a little walk outside my workplace and was admiring all the cute churches, each less than a block away. I thought I'd share them with you.




Also, when I stepped outside early, early this weekend, I was delighted to find this beautiful dew-covered web.

But the best part wasn't the web at all. It was all the walking paths that each little spider had taken, suddenly made visible.

Every leap from leaf to leaf, or drop from tree to ground, was suddenly documented. It seemed like a good analogy for this blog. I love having the opportunity to shed light on my life and share it with you. It brings meaning into some of my daily activities that might otherwise be mundane. Thanks for watching me walk here and there even though I haven't yet begun to spin my web.
Soon, Then...


Blogging Molly said...

just lovely. my web is definitely more of the latter - walking here and there for this and that - no intricate or planned patterns for this spider.

Christina said...

Hello! I just stumbled accross you blog. ; ) Oh, your photos are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous!

I think it's safe to say that we all run around at break-neck speed sometimes too. (Most the time we just don't take pictures of that part of our lives.) ; ) I know for sure that I do! I hope you start feeling 100% again soon.

Cheryle said...

I don't know how I missed this entry! Your pictures - as always - are beautiful and - again, as always - I envy your ability to find the perfect perspective.

And you are spinning a web, my dear. It is not the web that others spin, but a web of your own. And it's beautiful.