Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I heart Thanksgiving

It's true.

How I'm preparing and celebrating this year (in list form):
  • I bought my sweet potatoes and mini marshmallows to make my assigned side dish.
  • I am taking precautions to ensure that we have EXTRA gravy this year, since we always run out of this first....
  • I am eating everything in my fridge like a banshee in order to make room for the massive amounts of leftovers I am fantasizing about.
  • I printed off pictures of turkeys and pilgrims and cornucopias for the toddlers to scribble wildly on (Hey, a mom can dream that her child is enthusiastic about art, can't she?).
  • I am seriously ecstatic about watching this on TV tonight
  • I took the day off tomorrow so I can cook, cook, cook.
  • I am cook, cook, cooking on Wednesday so I can wake up on Thursday morning and enjoy the Macy's parade on TV, be with my family that is visiting from out of town, and maybe even go for a long, long walk in caloric preparation for eating all the goodness that awaits me at dinner.
  • I am doing shoulder squashing exercises in order to prepare for my role as person number 12 around a table that is meant to seat 8.
I love it all.