Sunday, November 9, 2008

undocumented, but still good

oh dear, oh dear.

I left my camera at home this weekend...oh the photos that will never be! I kicked myself all the way to my hometown and back. It was bittersweet each time I saw things through the eyes of my camera, with the realization that I had no way to document it, no way to save it and share it with you. Sigh.

Missed photos:
  1. The empty lot that, until a few years ago, held my childhood home.
  2. The life-size statues of bearded men and Native Americans at the infamous Charburger restaurant in Hood River, OR.
  3. The amazing home of some great people who had us over for roasted chicken and potatoes, fresh green beans, freshly pressed apple cider from fruit that grows on their own trees, and an apple galette for dessert (You should have seen the sun room filled with blooming geraniums).
  4. The Gorge during autumn.
The weekends have been so lovely this fall. Calm and full of meet-ups with family, friends, and people from my past. Its getting me all warmed up for the holidays. I guess it time to get started on all the holiday preparation, but I don't want to spoil being in the moment right now with all that planning. I'm just going to savor it for a bit more.

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Cheryle said...

Fortunately, you'll get to go back and get those pictures at some point! But your mindset will be different and it might not feel the same.

I am flabbergasted that you forgot your camera, though! Must have had to do with getting ready to go with an almost-three-year-old!