Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Addison

At the wee age of almost three, you amaze me every day.

You are so incredibly smart. You know how to tell time on an analog clock as well as any adult. You know how to count by fives. You can already read 3 and 4 letter words.
I often wonder what you're going to be up to in kindergarten when they are teaching lesson after lesson of things you have already had mastered for more than 2 years.

You are so very compassionate. When I'm not feeling well, you say, "Oh mama! You not feeling well? I'm sorry." And then proceed to come put a blanket over me with the utmost care.
When you spill your crackers on the floor, you say, "I'm sorry I spilled my crackers. I shouldn't do that next time." When we have guests, you say "It's nice to see you." or, "Nice haircut," or "Nice dress!" You are always thinking of others.

You are a natural leader and are filled with confidence. You have no problem leading twelve adults in a round of Happy Birthday or Itsy Bitsy Spider, or counting from 1 to 10, very quietly.
You wave and smile at strangers who make eye contact with you, who then break from their 9 to 5 induced coma and smile right back. You bring joy to those around you.

Last night, you said your first prayer. We are aren't religious people, but we want to encourage a spirit of gratitude in you, and you really love the ritual. We've only been doing this since Thanksgiving, but less than two weeks later, you were ready to take on the responsibility.

After you told me to "sit there and do nothing and don't eat" you began. "Mommy is here, and Daddy's not here yet and Grandma Linda lives in Hood River. Amen." Then you thanked me for keeping my eyes shut the whole time.

I love you, you handsome boy. Thanks for letting me be your mommy.


Cheryle said...

Now I've cried TWICE today!

Alan Ray said...

. . . lucky you, lucky Addison, lucky Ben. But it goes so much further than luck.......

Joelle said...

dear sweet friend, you constantly amaze me. i am so happy to know such a beautiful person like you.