Friday, January 2, 2009

Oregon, breathe on

Smell that? Taste that?

You don't?

Me neither!!! That's the un-smelly, un-smokey flavor of ALL of Oregons restaurants and bars as of January 1st. As someone who cannot stand coming home after an otherwise lovely night out, smelling like an ashtray, I couldn't be happier about this NO SMOKING law taking effect.

Rock on healthy lungs!

And, in other good news, laws will also take effect that put a 5 cent bottle deposit on all plastic water and flavored water bottles, and you can now recycle all TVs and computers at Oregon recycling stations for free!

Oregon, I love you and all your forward-thinking citizens!


Cheryle said...

We live in a great place! I wish more places were this environmentally friendly!

Michelle said...

We went to the Observatory last night and stayed far longer than we typically would at any bar... about 3 hours in (playing cards, talking with neighbors, etc.) we were shocked that we had stayed so long! So great!

lucy said...

oh yes, this new no-smoking law is soooooo exciting! thank you for the comment on my blog...I'm looking forward to exploring yours! happy new year!!!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

good for Oregon! i live in LA, so luckily we went smoke-free a while back. it just seems like all major cities should take a more aggressive approach to being environmentally friendly...or else we have no planet to work with!!