Thursday, January 8, 2009

bits and pieces for the making of an afternoon

As a mother who works part-time, the afternoons I spend with my son are sometimes a battle between spending quality time with him and getting the house things done that I want/need to be done. Like most things, its a delicate balancing act, and I often wonder if I'm getting it right.

The best afternoons together strike that perfect balance when he either finds a few happy minutes of playing alone while I unload the dishwasher, or even better, if he can be involved in what I'm doing somehow.

Today, you all are inspiring me, and I am so thankful to have some ideas up my sleeve!

First, I visited Curious Bird this morning, and was completely smitten by the article she posted from the New York Times. I want to study and study this article until I am an expert on using the ingredients in my pantry to their fullest potential. Its got me drooling and thinking up a million ideas for dinners! Maybe if I can cook like that I can even pretend I am the woman in this delicious book I read this summer.

Anyway, between that article and the post over at poppytalk today with those lovely labels, I got to thinking about the messy state my spice rack is in, and the little jars of spices in the back that haven't been used in a good.long.while. Plus, all the labels I made about 4 years ago are starting to peel off, so I think we'll get out my antique typewriter and make some new ones together. Addison should get a kick out of spelling his name on it. Maybe we can make some stickers for learning spanish words for things around the house too.... oooh. good one.

Then, I popped on over to maya*made, where she always has some fantastic project for kids going on, and saw her lovely seashells and beachcombings. I have a nice collection of things from the Oregon Coast and elsewhere, and they haven't been taken out of their jar and handled and examined in far too long. It will be a great chance for Addison and I to explore nature inside.

treasures from Mexico

I say it all too often, but you all inspire me daily and I'm so happy to be a part of your blogging world!


mayaluna said...

Isn't inspiration amazing? It travels at the click of a button these day:) I might have to take a good hard look at the back of my spice cabinet. Wish I had your typewriter... I've been longing for one. Your shell collection is incredible!! Sweet Dreams...

Cheryle said...

Thank you for looking at ways to be creative - both for your sake and for Addison's. You are such a joy to me!