Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentine's Day part 2

For lunch on Valentine's Day we headed to Petite Provence, a sweet and fairly new bakery on Alberta Street in Portland. This place was hoppin' with families, couples and friends out for the morning, but luckily we came in ahead of the real lunchtime rush. We sampled some kind of 4-layer mousse cake while we waited, which was to die for, and was a good indicator of the treats in store for lunch!

Petite Provence

I had their french onion soup and a yummy assortment of veggies piled onto one of their croissants. Can you smell the soup?

french onion soup @ Petite Provence

It was gooooood.

We really felt like we were on vacation. Maybe it was the food, maybe it was sitting high atop the restaurant on their balcony, or maybe it was just the fact that we never go out to lunch together as a family since its usually Addison's naptime. But he did great, and it was a good lesson in letting things go.

Later, my sister and her boyfriend gave us a couple of hours of couple time, so Ben and I wandered around The Pearl (a section of NW Portland for you out-of-towners!), sampled a cupcake from Cupcake Jones, hit up a bargain close-out sale at a retail store, browsed Anthropologie and swooned pointlessly at all the things that my pregnant body won't be fitting into this spring, perused an art gallery, and reada few magazines at Powell's.

enclosed ecosystem
(they have these little enclosed ecosystems at Anthropologie. They have live shrimp in them and are totally self-sustaining. We had one for a long time in college before the last shrimp standing died. We'd love to get a new one but they are pretty pricey.)

After hours of walking, my feet hurt and I was pretty worn out. I came home and happily collapsed into this bed that Ben surprised me with.

Valentine's Day bed

Ahhhh, love.

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Cheryle said...

What a lovely day you had - and what a loving surprise from Ben!