Thursday, May 21, 2009

my idea, your idea

Like many people, I have some good ideas. Most of them have never been carried out... at least not by me. They sit in the back of my brain and I visit them every once in a while, thinking...that would be cool to do! But then its my son's bedtime, or the floor needs to be swept, and I am transported back to reality, where time for projects is sometimes scarce.

Here's one of my ideas: taking pictures of the inside of various people's refrigerators as a window into their daily lives. There is something extremely personal about this seemingly insignificant, but very telling part of our homes. It can tell you not only what a person eats, but can also lend insight into their values, priorities, lifestyle, and habits. I had really wanted to do this, but was never quite sure how to get myself in the situation where I would be taking a photograph of some stranger's open refrigerator. How does one start that conversation?

Well, somebody figured it out:

More here.

Good job, Mark Menjivar, you did what I could not.


the kitschen table said...

Yeah...but you did think of it,too. Cool idea.


the kitschen table said...

I checked out his site and thought the most beautiful fridge was colorful and very pleasing to look at. It was the fridge of a blind person.