Tuesday, May 5, 2009

little airplant


I won this cute little airplant a couple of weeks ago on Alyson's blog, Unruly Things. I was so amazingly happy... I never win anything!


This was especially fun for me because I have memories of airplants from my mother's house when I was a child. Carefully placed in seashells in the kitchen window, with a little spray bottle nearby. I'm so happy to have this one in my home!

Thanks Alyson!


alyson. said...

yay! I'm happy that it arrived safely. :)

chelsea said...

Oh it's so cute! I thought that was such a fun giveaway. Congrats again on expecting a baby girl!

rebecca said...

i've seen some awesome things with air plants recently. did you see the interview with flora grubb on design*sponge? that really big one next to the red pot is so cool!

Djinn said...

Oh! Airplants will forever remind me of Monterey. Specifically, Farmer's market every Thursday evening. I had a little airplant in my barracks room. I think my marriage killed it. Or the PCS. It was probably the PCS.

kickpleat said...

so cute! i've never heard of an airplant before. lovely.

urban craft said...

The airplants are so beautiful. It's so dry my climate here though, I couldn't keep it beautiful no matter how hard I tried. Love yours!