Monday, June 22, 2009

ready for her

Farmer's Market flowers

My bags are packed, the house is clean, the nursery is set up, an extra meal has been cooked and stored in the fridge, groceries have been purchased, the plants have been watered, and I'm showered and as rested as I can be.

Time to have this baby. We will leave as a family of three tomorrow and return a family of four.

Wish me luck!


Rhyleysgranny said...

This touched my heart strings. There is nothing more wonderful than a new life. I wish you both well. xxx

rebecca said...

Wow! What a great big day you will all have! You were up early again, I see. And now it's finally time. Happy beginning of a whole new life. I'll be thinking of you today.

Cheryle said...

What a beautiful addition she is to our family~

mindy said...

oh, so exciting! can't wait to "meet" the newest addition. i am so happy for all of you. big hugs and congratulations :)

Liz said...

oh my goodness. good luck to you, you'll be fine - all of you!
i look forward to your new family pictures.

rebecca said...

Congratulations and Welcome Baby Drew! Good job mama! I look forward to her official introduction here on the blog. But for now, Flickr will suffice. :)