Thursday, June 11, 2009

waiting for my real life to begin

I'd never heard this song by Colin Hay until today.

It makes a beautiful soundtrack while on bedrest and waiting for the arrival of a baby girl.

the view from bedrest


rebecca said...

you doin' okay on bedrest? was it prescribed?

Soon, Then said...

rebecca, yes its been prescribed, but everything is ok. I have a very small baby, and its looking like that is all that's going on...she's just a small one, but they are being cautious, and I'm on bedrest to limit my calorie-burning. So I'm taking lots of naps, and eating my heart out!

rebecca said...

wish i could bring you a big bowl of chocolate mousse! :) or maybe a flourless chocolate cake with macerated fresh strawberries from your yard. (the cake is mostly eggs so i'm sure the doc would approve of the high protein count.)

we'll have to get together sometime and do that.