Wednesday, July 29, 2009

trip to Anthropologie

I've been trying hard to beat the heat here in Portland, as we are experiencing multiple days in 100+ degree weather. The house is pretty miserable, and we've been living in the basement all together at night. During the day, Drew and I head out anywhere where we can stay entertained and cool. In some ways, its kind of nice because it has given me an excuse to do some of the window shopping I love, but am usually to busy to get to.

Yesterday, we took a little trip to Anthropologie, which is a fun place to take pictures. I didn't even look at the clothes. Why torture myself when I am still trying to get my waist back? But that's ok, there was plenty to look at over in the housewares.

I would love to have a kitchen comprised of dishes purchased here. I mean, aren't these just the most gorgeous drinking glasses you've ever seen?

Sadly, I cannot afford the steep price of $12 apiece.


Most of all, I've been wanting one of these botanical coffee table books for a long time. I keep scanning thrift stores in the hopes tht someday I'd get lucky and find one used, but I think that might just be too much to ask of the thrifting gods...
Maybe for Christmas this year? (ahem....hint, hint to my family readers!)

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