Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 4 month birthday, Drew!


At 4 months you giggle, blow bubbles, talk and coo, suck your thumb, put your own self to sleep, cram everything into your mouth, drool like crazy, take a bottle like a champ and sometimes sleep for 9 hour stretches at night!

Your brother absolutely adores you and kisses you and thinks you are the sweetest thing. We all do.

Thank you for coming to us. I have enjoyed every day with you and I hope you don't grow up too fast.



rebecca said...

great hair! awesome rosy cheeks! what could be better? i remember posting about calder's 4mo here.

Cheryle said...

Ah, but she is growing up fast! Right now, she's lying on the floor, listening quietly to music, sucking her thumb, and giving "Happy Apple" an occasional nudge with her foot. All the world is her!

Melissa said...

How cute! Happy Birthday!

J said...

My little man is four months too-although your little Drew is probably closer to 8 now!