Friday, October 9, 2009

A new favorite shirt

I'm so excited to share this little project with you. It wasn't hard, or super original, but it made my little guy super happy! And that is enough satisfaction for me.

Addison has been ridiculously obsessed with the United States lately, and anything about geography, really. He learned the 50 states and their capitals from the Animaniacs song, (as well as the nations of the world!) The first thing he runs to when he gets up in the morning is one of his many states puzzles, where he comes up with all sorts of games to play with the states pieces, or makes them talk to each other or just sings the songs he knows.

So, I made him a shirt I knew he would love.

And he does!

I just traced the outline of the states from one of his books, cut it out, traced that onto some jersey fabric of his choice, cut it out, and sewed it on! Jersey is great because it won't fray when you wash it.

Its great because I can make shirts for him for whatever he's into at the time and its an instant favorite!

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Cheryle said...

And he *does* love it! It ranks right up there with his John Mayer hoodie!