Thursday, January 13, 2011

an unremarkable blog post

That is all this is.

I don't have anything fancy to say. But I just need to pop in and share how HAPPY I am!

I am closer to living my dream life than ever.
I love the newfound freedom I have.
I love my children and watching them grow and learn and do the cutest, sweetest things!
I love seeing my husband experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from career success!
I love the dear friends and family I have acquired in this lifetime.
I truly enjoy being 30 and seeing my peers living their dreams and making things happen for themselves.
I love working in an environment where everyone is pursuing what they are truly passionate about and inspired by. It inspires me!
I love the feeling of ownership I have over my own life. I feel empowered!

Oh life, you are beautiful!




kickpleat said...

hooray!!! i love hearing about happiness. keep it up :)

Cheryle said...

And it all shows - on your face and in your life!

Rae Grant said...

Such a cheery attitude! I like it. Found your blog via mayamade.