Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stills on Mississippi

Here are some of the still shots from my excursion the other day. I love to document the little things I see when I'm out and about -- things that others may have missed or maybe just overlooked.




light and color

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

. . interesting to see the things that catch your eye . . . . and your skills beyond the point & click photos most of us take

Anonymous said...

I wonder on what day and at what hour the shadow and the marks on the wall match up to make a water bird with teeth!

Li + Belle said...

I like your photos very much. The blue fence with the blue bike looks great. But the street sign, which resembles a crocodile with its mouth open, something is special. Funny is the drawing of the shadow, like two crocodiles. I am sometimes, when I discover these things on a walk without looking for it.

Thank you for visiting my blog. The effect is a Tilt Shift Effect. I am sending you like to insert the link, then you can use the effect afterwards in the photos. There are also lenses for cameras that make this effect.

jeanine said...

loving that bicycle photo. happy weekend to you too.

kitchu said...

i really love the light in that last shot!

VintageAndee said...

Love to see street photos from NoPo, always makes me smile to stumble upon photos from my neighborhood out there in blog world!