Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainy Spring

It's definitely spring here in Portland! The sun comes out in all its warm, sunshiney glory and then ten minutes later it is pouring down buckets.

The same has been happening in my family's personal life. Fantastic opportunities spring up, small pleasures abound and ----whsssssshhhhhhip -- they frequently get swept away. Life changes quickly and dramatically.

We're in the midst of a figurative rainstorm currently, so I thought I'd post some picture of the downpour we had a couple of days ago while I try to remind myself that it takes both sun and rain for growth to happen.








Kendra Lay said...

"It takes both sun and rain for growth to happen." Love it!

Alls Well said...

These photos are unbelievably GORGEOUS! Thinking of you all through the storm...

Cheryle said...

You are so wise. Thank you for these pictures, for sharing your talent and your love. You bless my life in ways great and small.

rebecca said...

they ARE lovely photos. and it HAS been a rainy spring. i agree completely! hope you all weather it well.