Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm 2 but I'll never admit it.

Drew is going through a phase where nothing is ever quite right in her little 2-year-old world. She whines that she's hungry while she's still eating. If we're going to the park she wants to be home. If it's a school day, she wants to be in "gymnastics cwass". Last night, she said her knee hurt and though there were no bumps, bruises or scrapes, nothing would do but a band-aid.

my knee hurts

So I did what any mommy does who just wants their child to feel better, I put on a band-aid. These things have magical powers, I tell you. The second I put it on, she felt better.... for about 3 seconds. Then she ripped it off and put it on the other knee.

band-aids make everything better

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Lisa said...

I freaking LOVE Band Aids! I remember each of my boys doing the same thing, and those little suckers just magically made things better. Heck, Matthew *still* pulls that on me sometimes, and he's six!