Friday, September 5, 2008

neither here nor there

What a crazy week!

Back from one vacation, catching colds, busy busy work week, fighting off colds, then on to another vacation! This time to stay with some friends and family at Black Butte Ranch -- I promise to take pictures!

The end of this week did come with some lovely treats and rewards. My husband and I had a lovely date at a fun and yummy new neighborhood Portland spot, Radio Room. 50s decor and waitresses outfitted in vintage-hipster style set the tone, and our food, while nothing toscream about, was good and very affordable on the Happy Hour menu. I had a cheeseburger, side salad, and Cowboy Coffee with a layer of sinful whipped cream on top. Ben did the double-dip-deep-fry with Cheddar fries and calamari. Unless you are a die-hard calamari-goer, or its pitch black outside, I don't recommend this dish. I got a little squeamish when the mix of whole little octopi and rubbery tentacles showed up. But Ben insisted it was tasty.

This morning we had a rare chance to sleep in and then I headed out for some of the last garage sales of the season in hopes of finding some treasures. Boy, did I!! I happened upon one of the most amazing garage sales I've ever seen. A beautiful historic house in the Piedmont district here in Portland, whose owners had just unpacked their late parents' storage unit.

Wow. Their gorgeous yard was full of quirky antique furniture, amazing old dresses, rustic mirrors, beautiful books, artwork, vintage dishes and china, imported antique rugs -- a collection of things from someone's life of travels, no doubt. Gifts that could only be received by someone dearly loved by many.

garage sale finds

The Bodum french press was brand new in the box, never used. It even had the Christmas card from "Mo & Bonnie" still inside, which reads "Have a wonderful holiday you dear people - you two are so special."

This quilt made my heart skip a beat.
handmade persian quilt

Look at the hand stitching!

As soon as I saw it, I unfolded and knew I had to have it.
handmade persian quilt

Won't it be nice to curl up under it with a cup of coffee from my new press and read this book from cover to cover when the weather gets cold?

It's almost enough to make me wish it were cold already... almost.

For now, I'm hoping for mid 80s all weekend so I we can test out the new pool at Black Butte Ranch. Have a great weekend!

ps. Here are the things I wanted desperately to buy at the sale... but I knew I shouldn't.
Now you can pine over them too....sigh



senacia said...

oh how i love that dresser and table. fabulous quilt and bodum! I almost bought a bodum as well at the thrift shop.. but Im too addicted to my coffee maker that grinds and pours for me at seven o'clock. :) If I had a bodum, I would drink coffee so much more throughout the day when I dont need it ready for me before I wake.

and too much coffee is bad. :)

I LOVE that quilt.

sorry, had to say it again.

happy weekend!

Linn said...

Oh, what a beautiful quilt to find!

elizabeth said...

Oh what great finds! I dream of finding such a quilt in a tag sale.