Monday, September 8, 2008


upon arriving at the ranch

I didn't mention it before, but my Labor Day weekend left something to be desired. That's putting it mildly. Ever since I became a parent, actually, since I was pregnant, I have liked camping less and less. This year's Labor Day weekend was the culmination of my growing dislike of the dirt, the packing, the unpacking, the extreme effort it takes to shower, cook, wash dishes, and sleep comfortably (if at all). By the time Monday rolled around-- well, let's just say that an angry, rabid raccoon would have been better company. Camping is not my idea of a relaxing vacation.

Fortunately, this past weekend made up for the relaxation lost on camping. We stayed with some friends and family in their vacation home at Black Butte Ranch. The weekend carried with it all the things that make a good weekend memorable:

face-to-face time with nature

both day...

and night.
night bandits

We enjoyed good food and good company
pantry soup

good company

a little excitement

and a lot of relaxation.
a good moment

I couldn't wait until the weather got cold to read this delicious novel, like I said I might. Turns out, it is the perfect book to read on vacation. Very little plot. Just one delicious description after the next of making dreams a reality and living a beautifully simple life. Yes, please!

For now, more weekends like this one are welcome in my life at anytime.


RiverMist said...

men, you had a great weekend, mine was pathetic.

abby said...

Sounds like the perfect time! Isn't it funny when vacations turn out to be more of a hassle? I'm glad you got r&r. We need to plan an outing, yes we do.

Mrs.French said...

sounds like the perfect weekend...

melissa f. said...

hey!!! you have a blog. that's great.

SUparJErk said...

I think I would much rather have done that, too.