Saturday, October 4, 2008

Autumn, I love you.

I adore this pairing of photos that Joanna posted yesterday!

The colors are delicious!

Today, I can finally see the evidence of autumn's arrival... rain, falling leaves, cold weather, and everything in my house expanding due to the moisture (from dresser drawers to puzzle pieces!).
I think I'm finally ready.

Things I love about autumn:
  • getting cozy
  • cooking with hearty, harvesty foods and making soups, breads, and slow cooked meals
  • heavy blankets at night
  • Halloween!!! (I adore costume parties... why don't they happen more often?)
  • This pumpkin patch, complete with corn, hot cider, popcorn balls, pie, and the Maze!!
What do you love?


cjc said...

Mmmm... Your posts always taste good, too! I'd love to ride along to Kruger's again this year if you're going...

senacia said...

oh my oh my! You just reminded me of the CORN MAZE that I go to every year! OH .. now Im so very excited!

I should get outside and post some canadian leaf colour changing fall scenes for all my friendly american friends! Some parts dont get the luxury.. and I've taken it for granted over the years..

although fall is my favourite season!

Thanks for the lovely pictures!

nicole said...

I love wool blankets, apple cider, baskets of yarn, harvesting the last of our vegetables, warm meals, chilly mornings and evenings, and so much more.

autumn, swoon.

Linn said...

I love the contrast of the colors! Can't wait to get out to the pumpkin patch soon. That's one of my favorite fall things.