Tuesday, October 7, 2008



I've been out of sorts ever since I came back from Mexico. It's been two weeks, but I can't quite figure out if it's post-vacation sluggishness, the cold and rain, the crazy busy pace at work, the air of panic across the media, my toddler's sudden jump into extreme independence, the mild cold I'm fighting, or the absence of my husband while he's been on a rare business trip.

Whatever it is, I'm ready to snap out of it. But until I do, its nice to escape and see the world through the eyes of all you lovely bloggers.

This post from Shari is some of the most delicious writing. Ever.

Stefania encourages me to save a few more bucks.

Have you laughed your face off over at CakeWrecks yet? You won't be sorry.

And oh how I adore this idea.


Also, having a 2 year-old is always good entertainment. Tonight the topic was "How Babies Get Into Mommies' Tummies" (No, I am not pregnant, dear mother-in-law).

Addison: You have a baby in your tummy? (This is a common question around here)

Me: No. Do you think I should have a baby in my tummy?

Addison: Yeah.

Me: How do you think a baby gets in there?

Addison: Through the hole in your tummy (points to my belly button)

Me: And where do I get the baby to put in my tummy?

Addison: At Fred Meyer.

Me: Oh! And how long do you think the baby should stay in there?

Addison: Ummmm, five years...... actually, ten days.

Oh change, are you around the corner?


Linn said...

Your converation cracked me up! I hope you have a wonderful day.

cjc said...

Well, you ARE back from Mexico, having consumed your share of margaritas, so it's only normal that every mention of pregnancy should bring that question to mind!
(Your readers should be aware, though, that Addison's second favorite question to ME is "You have a baby in there?" The first fave is "What time is it?)

Your dear m-i-l

abby said...

um...cake wrecks is the funniest thing i've seen in a while-thanks for the laugh!

Joelle said...

Addison cracks me up! I remember how curious he was when I was pregnant and then at the hospital when Jonah arrived you could tell he was trying to piece it all together.

-Or-readers Addison's third favorite question is "How old are you?"