Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween through the years: Part 1

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

For one, I adore costume parties, because I love seeing the creative ways people have put together costumes. You learn a lot about people by the way they dress up. Did they dress up in something totally off the wall? sexy? completely and unabashedly inappropriate? Did they hand stitch their costume to make something authentic, or did they buy it off the rack in a plastic package? And then there are those that make the minimum effort and have a hat. And that is all. Party poopers.

I thought it might be fun to share with you some costumes I've worn over the years!

Here I am at about age 4, dressed up like a ballerina. I love how my mom did my blush in circle shapes! That's my sister, Julie, next to me.
Halloween 1984? 1985?

Me at my first grade Halloween party at school. My mom and brother Adam (the clown, there), came to celebrate.
Ballerina in 1986
Notes: Look at the cute robot behind me! And, look at the mass amounts of sugar, even in addition to the candy! Also, I love how my little bro is checking out my cupcake....

Here we are in 1988 (I think). I'm a princess this year, Adam is a pig, and Julie's a ghoul of some sort. I'm sensing a theme here where I do something extremely girly that involves wearing "grown up" makeup, while Adam is something lighthearted and funny, and Julie goes for scary.
Halloween 1988

1993. These are getting more embarassing as we go along. Though I guess 1993 was probably an embarrassing year for everyone. I'm a "hippie" and Adam is somebody from the notorious Mortal Kombat video game.
Hippie in 1993

Oh man.

More later. That's all I can stomach for now!


Cheryle said...

Okay, call me weird, but I really love you as a hippie!

Jo said...

OK, those are so awesome!

It makes me want to ransack my mom's picture stash!