Friday, October 17, 2008

My path

Shari, over at The Glass Doorknob, is doing a cool "week of paths."

Here's mine:
For Shari's "A week of paths"

My daily trek to pick my son up from daycare is in one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Portland (at least in my opinion). Its not pretentious, pricey, or urban. In fact, you could easily forget that you are in the city at all in this little area. The yards are oversized and unfenced, there are no curbs or sidewalks, and many of the houses look like they could house Anne Shirley's neighbors on Prince Edward Island. I long to buy a house there and live out my dreams...

Maybe someday in the future I'll make the daily trek here to my cozy home...


nicole said...

it sure looks like a cozy neighborhood! and you know, I bet I could squeeze about half of the kitten into one shoe. ;) he's so tiny!

enjoy your weekend.

Cheryle said...

Oh, I'd love to trek to that neighborhood to see you all, too! I hope the future is soon!

mayaluna said...

This is a fantastic shot...and captures what you so bravely wish for. I'd love to see you driving home to your dream's not too much to ask for.

senacia said...

punch buggy, no punch backs!

oh.. I love little vintage beatles. What a cute little car!

I have always dreamed of a neighborhood like that to live in. It would be delicious! :)

I have just finished playing a little game of "you're it" and have invited you along to play too! :) If you would like to play such blog games, come over and visit me at my blog to check out some rules.. :) then go to, if you choose.. if not, I understand. I had fun playing and thought you may too! :D

have a lovely week and thanks for the VW shot! :D (oh yes, I do love your blog.. I should mention!)