Tuesday, November 18, 2008

art, his way

Addison, much like me, likes to do things "the right way." And, much like his daddy, he's a left-brainer, He likes structure, logic, numbers, and scientific thinking with a right answer.

I, on the other hand, am, and always have been an artist. I love to create. So, imagine how I have gritted my teeth and tried to keep a smile on my face after spending 15 minutes getting an art project all set up for Addison and I to do together, only to have him sit for about 3 seconds flat, make one mark on the paper and then run off like a banshee. And there I sit at the dining table, alone, with construction paper and finger paints, letting out a huge sigh before I have to clean it all up.

I've tried it all ---- play-doh and paints, crayons, glue, stickers and markers. Now I am smarter and save most art projects for places where someone else has done all the set up (like OMSI). Still, it usually looks something like this.

So, I tried a new tactic.
Knowing that Addison thrives on doing things "the right way" I finally broke down and did what I've tried so hard not to do. I showed him step-by-step how to draw a person. We make the head and the body, the eyes, the hair... all the body parts, and we practice doing it just so.

And if that works for him, then by golly, I can let it go.


Cheryle said...

And what a fine-looking person he drew!

Congrats on figuring out how to make it work for both of you!

rebecca said...

wow. you're definitely back to the blog. i'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

your comment about the walks before spinning the web were well put. and i feel like the blog is a good space to document the everyday but also it encourages me to get out and do things or make things that i want to document. so, in that way, it's a welcome kick in the pants to get to work!

i know i'm just recently getting back to a lot of artmaking after 2 years of being mama. those big ideas are flowing again, and hopefully they'll make an appearance on the blog in not too much time. in the meantime i guess i'll just keep writing about the weekend's activities and the color of the leaves. that stuff's good too.

Dana said...

You gotta do what works. And it sounds like your finding your way.

Jackie said...

That's the thing about parenting - learning how to be flexible! Or that's one of the many, many things about parenting I should say.
I've been browsing your lovely blog, and if you haven't signed up for shutter sisters on flickr you really should. You have some delightful photos here!

april said...

Had a ton of clicking around your blog!