Sunday, December 7, 2008


I headed to Eastern Washington State on Friday for my Grandpa's funeral. It was a strange series of events, since at the ripe age of 28, I have never known anyone personally who has died until now.



It turned out to be quite a lovely trip. My mom and my sister and brother and I packed into my car and headed east. I cannot remember the last time the four of us were in one car together for a lengthy drive. What a treat!

When we arrived, we were reunited with uncles and aunts and cousins and second cousins and non-blood relatives that I hadn't seen in as many as 20 years! It is strange to realize that the last time I had seen my second cousin, Devin, the 20-year old, handsome and intelligent sophomore attending University of Washington, he was a 6-month old baby in my 8-year old arms. All that life that has happened in between!

Family is so important to me, and becomes even more so as I get older.

swirls of light

I hope I can keep my promise to myself to keep in touch and make efforts to see these dear people in my life more often.

light & water

Besides, the drive there and back is sure pretty!

I'm off to decorate the Christmas tree, hang the wreath on the front door, and finish up some of my handmade gifts!

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Cheryle said...

I'm so glad that this sad event turned out to have so many positive aspects for you!