Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday: Red.....I mean, wait a minute - stripes or plaid!

Ok what the heck universe am I living in? All week I've had this rooster shot all ready to go for "Friday's RED day" and then I went on my merry way posting this this morning, and then headed over to Curious Bird and was like oh, uhhhhh....ummm, plaid? stripes? How did I miss that?

So now I feel like a doof. But, here's what I could conjure up as "stripes" from my photos this week.


And, here's my highly anticipated (by me) chicken shot
Friday: Red

Chickens are harder to photograph than they seem!

Happy color week to all the fantastic bloggers who participated and a huge thank you to Leya for organizing it!


Anonymous said...

I can relate. I knew about the plaid, but when I read stripes and plaid this morning, I thought, she never mentioned that. I was wrong. Even though, your red picture is fabulous!

Jenna said...

Those are pretty great "makeshift" stripes!

this blessed nest said...

all your pictures from the week are just amazing. such a fun project. i too, think your red shot is fabulous & your stripe shot as well.

fallen tree said...

I love your photos!

And I had the same problem as you, I was totally prepared for red day. ... except I thought blue monday was red day, so I had a mad scramble at the last minute when I double-checked things.

That rooster definitely deserves to be featured, though, how fantastic!

Sarah said...

I really like the photos. I agree chickens are hard to you have a rooster? if so do you regret it? just curious....we recently got 4 baby chicks (about 4 months ago) and I have been really worried that one of them would be the 10% chance and turn out to be a rooster....but I think they are all girls...