Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a little yogurt makes it better

This past 3-day weekend was a long one. Long in both the good and bad sense of the word. Why? Because the stomach flu was an unwelcome guest and we all took turns passing it around. Yuck. I originally had really great things planned: a really great party that I didn't have to plan but could invite all my best friends to, and a concert that I've been anticipating since I first heard of the band...

Results of the fun weekend?
I left the party mid way since I was so nauseous I could no longer have a normal conversation. Its really bad when you have to interrupt someone you are just getting to know to tell them, "I'm sorry, but I just have to sit down".. and mosey on over to the corner of the room and sit by yourself. And to make matters worse, it was my husband's office party, and I felt like I was giving off the impression to his coworkers that I was either too bored or too insecure or too lame to be having fun. In reality I was just too sick, and I went home at 9:30. Le sigh.

I also missed the concert. No good story there, except I was just sad to be at home watching old SNL clips instead. Le double sigh.

Luckily, after we'd all had our turns being sick, we managed to get out of the house all together on Monday for some frozen yogurt at Skinnidip. Wow, I had heard about this place, and it even made my to-do list, but the experience far surpassed my expectations! It was creamy, delicious, tart and not too sweet, and the topping choices were great. I enjoyed the plain yogurt with fresh raspberries best.

waiting for the perfect bite

frozen yogurt

Addison ended up liking mine better because I'd gotten brownie pieces in it. And, when every last bite had been devoured, he nearly cried because he wanted some more. Oh the joy of toddlers!

Here's to a fine new week, with better health, a fine new President and hope on the horizon!


Jenna said...

Mmm - I'm jealous of your ice cream experience (but not the preceding sickness). Hope you're feeling better.

Cheryle said...

I'm so glad everyone is over the "awfuls." And I understand Addison's almost-tears over the yogurt - not enough of a good thing is sad, indeed!

Carolyn said...

What a great find in your skinny dip! Wish we had something similar here. :)

Sarah said...

What is skinny dip? I used to live in Portland it was definitely not there then! I am coming to visit over the Feb. presidents weekend, it looks delicious, should I make a trip?
Hope everyone is feeling better!

kickpleat said...

it's pretty chilly and foggy over here in vancouver, but this frozen yogurt looks too good! looks like another trip to portland is close at hand!

nice blog you have here :)