Wednesday, March 4, 2009

being real

A theme seems to have crossed my path this week, and it has really spoken to me. Call it authenticity, or simply being real.

I first came across it here, where Molly is brave enough to show us the sometimes messy reality behind the pretty but staged photography shots many of us take. I love photography, and I love beautiful things, but sometimes its just nice to see the imperfections and "the wizard behind the curtain." It makes me feel more human in my own imperfections.

Then I came across all these beautiful Flickr-folk posting real pictures of themselves, un-made-up or primped or anything. Refreshing (and you ladies are gorgeous all the time, anyway).

Next, I came across this beautiful passage (you can even download a pretty print of it here) that describes the way I really do try to live my life on a daily basis, with varying degrees of success. I feel that, unless we are being our true selves, things get tangled up and our communications and interactions with one another get real sticky real fast.

But sometimes this whole blogging thing starts to make me act funny. I get caught up in my perfectionistic little self and want to post the best photos, and stories of the days when I have it all (or mostly) together, and you know, put my best self out there. But then I start to feel funny. It sucks the joy right out of having this little blog. It's too much pressure. And my blog has been a little empty lately because of it.

Lastly, I watched this video on (which by the way has some amazing ideas and perspectives to share from really smart and accomplished people) on the idea of "glamour" and what it is: idealized versions of the real thing, whether its a movie star (Nicole Kidman doesn't wake up glamourous...there's a lot of primping that goes into making her look red carpet beautiful!), or a magazine photograph (look, no clutter! no cords!), or food (no drips, no weird looking stuff).

There's nothing wrong with a little glamour. I love blogs and magazines of picturesque apartments, clothes, food, etc. But as for producing that calibre of stuff myself all the time? Well, its just too much to ask of me when I'm a pregnant mom and wife who works nearly full time. So, I'm letting go of the ideal of glamour and the ideals, and I'm going to try and make this a place where I can just be real.

Ahhhhh. That feels better.

Oh...and to top it all off, here's a picture of me un-made up (and my husband), albeit its from a year ago. Whatevs.
going on seven years...


Katie said...

And you look beautiful and happy!

Cheryle said...

You're beautiful without makeup, but I well remember how difficult it was to face the world with a naked face! Not so difficult any longer - one of the great benefits of getting older (besides have grandchildren, of course) is the realization that being real is the most freeing thing in life.

Learning that as a young wife and mom and trying to achieve it is the first - and hardest - step on the path.

And there are so many of us who love the real YOU! xoxo

Jill said...

this is a great post! i'm totally guilty of creating "unreality" in my blog photos. my husband always says i should have a dark side blog that shows what really goes on behind the scenes at our house :) anyway, you look lovely in your photo and you don't need makeup!