Saturday, March 14, 2009

late sensing

Oops. I totally said I would do Five Senses Friday with Abby and the rest of the gang, and I totally forgot! I can't say I'm altogether sorry because my forgetting was the result of one of the best days I've had in a long time (take that, Friday the 13th!). Lots of laid-back parenting, fun, sunshine, and being silly together.

But, I don't want to miss out entirely, so how about Saturday Senses for me?

- Mellow-sweet, juicy and plump cantaloupe.
- Herbed, succulent rotisserie chicken

- Moby lazing about on my grandmother's rocking chair
cat nap
- Gerbera daisies still looking beautiful on Day 8
Gerbera daisy

- Warm sunlight on and the soft cush of sitting in my new living room chair (a birthday present to myself)
new chair
- little one-inch size baby feet pressing on me from within

- My whole house fragrant with homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove
homemade chicken stock

- Children's songs over the speakers at Airplay Cafe this morning
- The household silence of a sleeping toddler and a husband out running errands

All of that is just too good not to share. Thanks for letting me play a little late. ;)


betsy and iya said...

love the chair/light photo. I think it's fantastic that you forgot about the task because you were so swept up in your senses. How...perfect.


rebecca said...

hey brianna. unfortunately the free box is here in corvallis where we live. i post a lot about pdx because we're up there all the time. it's where i grew up, and my parents still live in beaverton. i'll just have to find a free box up there too! if you're down in corvallis though i'll definitely let you in on this box's whereabouts. :)

on a chair note: what a great gift to receive during pregnancy! a comfortable place was priceless when i was pregnant. sounds like it's all going really well. that's great!

sherri s. said...

A very sweet post...I'm doing Five Senses Friday, too; I'm glad to have found your blog!