Friday, March 6, 2009



Ben took me to see Blind Pilot last night for an early birthday present. I've been totally smitten with this effortlessly talented band, and they did not disappoint. (catch em on the Carson Daly show from a few nights ago here.)

We were at a small venue called Mississipi Studios that only holds about 80 people (and I was pleased they didn't oversell it because it wasn't crowded), and we were able to get right up to the front with no problem (a necessity when you're a short one like me).

The only disappointment was when I realized my camera was in the car with the purse and coat I'd left to lighten my load. So no pictures... but my girlfriend, helped make up for the lost pictures by stealing the setlist off the stage and getting all the band members to sign it!!!
(Thanks Anne!)

We went to the early show and were home by 9:30 and got to bed on time. What a fantastic evening!


Cheryle said...

And it was SO obvious when you all got home that you'd had a wonderful evening! You were relaxed, happy, and still glowing from a night out with your husband and friends.

I wish many more joyous birthdays for you, my dear d-i-l!

Michelle said...

how have i not heard them and all of their loveliness!