Friday, May 29, 2009

garden morning

I woke up really early this of the curses and luxuries of being 8 months pregnant, I suppose. I took the opportunity to photograph our growing garden in the morning sunlight.

strawberry sunrise

Remember how we started from this?
Garden Plot

Here's our garden box in the flesh. We made a few minor adjustments, though its essentially the same.
garden 5/29

Everything is growing quite nicely, with a few peapods on the vine, tomato and pepper blossoms popping out,
tiny strawberries ripening, and carrot, beet, chard, and few unknown veggies sprouting (I think they're cucumbers that sprouted from the compost we mixed in).
We've also got potatoes,
shallots, onions, yellow patti-pan squash, lemon cucumbers,
zucchin and cucumber
and lots of herbs. Yum... I can't wait.

They're pretty too.
chive blossoms

Other highlights outside include Addison's numbers drawn neatly from 1 - 20 (directly on the house, but hey, this is one of those battles that has not been chosen),
1 thru 20

and our one sunflower that sporuted and survived the transplant from indoor seeding.

Its going to be a fun summer close to home!


Cheryle said...

It all looks so lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.

gardenmama said...

oooh, you are going to have a beautiful harvest, yum!

rebecca said...

lookin' good! i love all the alternative bed and planter materials. we inherited tons of hand-me-down lumber from contractor friends for the chicken coop and have spent little cash on the rest of it. we lucked out at the habitat store. it should be complete in the next couple days and i'll show it then. happy gardening! i still need to get my basil seeds in the ground.

love the urban strawberry silhouette.