Friday, June 5, 2009

surprising growth

My plants are going crazy!!!
It was just last week that I showed you how everything was growing nicely. For example, here were my yellow patti pan squash and lemon cucumbers one week ago:
zucchini and cucumber

They must be loving the heat, because check them out this morning!
patti pan squash & cukes 6/5/09

I'm shocked! We even have some little thumb-sized squash hiding among the larger-than-life leaves. I think we may be harvesting soon!

I'm also honored to share my son's very first drawing of "mommy" and that's daddy next to me (with the hair).
Addison's frst drawing of mommy and daddy

This took me by such surprise! When we draw at home, it is all numbers and letters, all the time, and I had never seen him really attempt to draw people, so when I found these in the pile of art projects brought home from school, I literally had tears streaming down my face and gave Addison the biggest hugs. There's nothing quite like seeing your own portrait through the eyes of your first child.

He even mocked one up of himself...
Addison's first self portrait
which, you've got to give him credit... is pretty accurate!

I love you, my bubs.


Cheryle said...

Oh! My! GOSH! He's drawing people now??? That's amazing. But why did Ben get the hair?

They're very cute, and the one of him is precious. Be sure to keep these!

rebecca said...

so cute!

check out those band-aids on both knees! must be shorts weather. :)