Monday, July 6, 2009

...because she sleeps. all. day.

little duo

We picked cherries this weekend in the orchards surrounding my dad's house in Hood River. When cherries are free, and you can pick them by the handful, its easy to come home with 10, 20, 30 pounds of cherries.

bing and sour cherries

So, I did the smart thing and bought a cherry pitter (same one the chicken's got. You can see her cute girls using it on a video here.) and have spent the better part of the last 24 hours pitting and freezing cherries and making a cobbler.

how I spent my day

cherry cobbler

After all, what else is a mother to do when the baby sleeps all day?



Widge said...

How precious! that cherry cobbler looks good too :)

rebecca said...

She looks so casual... in cute clothes... slumped sleeping in the corner like she's been there all along. Does it feel that way?

Did you really bring home 30 pounds of cherries? Wow. I plan on picking more tomorrow morning. Oooo... I'd like to do some canned cherries. And I still need to do something with about 8 cups of blueberries. Summer sure is grand.

Cheryle said...

Mmmmmm cherries! Mmmmm... yummy baby girl! xoxo