Friday, July 17, 2009

a bit of this and that


You might have guessed by by absence that she is no longer sleeping all day long... though I'm not sure how so many days went by without me posting or even reading other blogs!

But, we've certainly been keeping busy. Not just with night wakings and diapers and chasing a toddler around, but with outdoor summer concerts in the park,

concert at Fernhill Park

teaching Addison to bowl,

first time bowling

visiting with family and friends of all ages (that's my grandma. Isn't she beautiful? She'll be 84 in a couple of weeks. I hope I inherited her beauty genes!),


Sophie and Addison

and enjoying family time together, both semi-structured

mornings together

and somewhat chaotic.

lazy Sunday

I'm hoping tp be back more regularly soon!


Cheryle said...

I miss your blogs, but this is a good time to just enjoy life - and you all certainly seem to be doing that!

rebecca said...

So good to see you guys out and about. These first few weeks with a second child sure do seem different from the ones with the first! Life's not stopping this time around. And I bet that's kind of fun!

mindy said...

my little one is beginning to wake up too. such a wonderfully bleery-eyed time :)