Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 things to do before I'm 31

I'd eat em if they'd let me

Dang, sorry I left that last post up for so long while I have been running around like a crazy madwoman dealing with my busy life. Let's get on with some more fun things. Like me. And my birthday! It's a "big" one today and I'm excited to enter into the next decade!

I feel like playing the "list" game again this year, so here goes!

30 Things to Do Before I Turn 31
  1. Eat at Bunk Sandwiches
  2. Refinish a piece of furniture
  3. Try at least 5 different food carts around Portland - (3 to go!)
  4. Take my son on a carnival ride
  5. Finish my tour of Portland's photo booths
  6. Plant poppies in my garden
  7. Take class where I learn something new
  8. Be able to do 100 situps in a row
  9. Be able to do 25 pushups in a row
  10. Enjoy an overnight, out-of-town, kid-free date with my husband
  11. Make my own pickles
  12. Find the right shade of red lipstick
  13. Wear red lipstick with a red dress out on the town
  14. Take a trip to the Goodwill Bins (I stole this one from Andrea)
  15. Take at least one roll of pictures with a film camera
  16. Put a clothesline in my backyard
  17. Send gifts to my nephews for their birthdays (I have been a very terrible auntie)
  18. Make a sandcastle
  19. Try panna cotta
  20. Hire a babysitter that is not a friend or family member
  21. Stretch in the morning - doing it!
  22. Volunteer for something that is not work-related
  23. Sketch
  24. Teach someone how to process cook
  25. Ride my bike in nature
  26. Have a staring contest at a party
  27. Build a real horseshoe pit in our backyard
  28. Beat my husband at Mario Kart
  29. Have Dim Sum
  30. Read 5 books on my to-read list

Hooray! Let's get started.... I have the whole day ahead of me!


Cheryle said...

An ambitious but do-able list! (Well, except maybe the one about Mario Kart...)

It will be fun to see how it all turns out!

Julie said...

I can help you with several of those!!! :) (ie. finding right shade of red lipstick/wearing it out on the town; going to the Goodwill bins; volunteer for something not work-related; staring contest at party; have Dim Sum). Just tell me when!

rebecca said...

Happy happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fabulous day... and you share a birthday with my husband by the way. We had homemade cherry pie from last summer's fruit to celebrate. Yummy!

And I agree. It'd be sweet to meet up sometime. Let's work on it!