Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Great Birthday!

birthday candles

Wonderful pieces of my day:
  • That moment when I woke up, normal, and had the little, silent aha moment of "It's my birthday!"
  • I was the first one out of bed, if only by a few seconds.
  • Addison came out of his room, pillow in hand, and he said, "This is my birthday present to you, mama! We can keep it in between our rooms." Melt.
  • Ben made me french toast for breakfast.
  • A million and one birthday wishes on facebook!
  • The quiet of a coffee shop. I got to read part of the newspaper, do as much of the crossword puzzle as I felt like, and write a blog post.
  • A man at the coffee shop came in with his white fluffy shitzu-type dog wearing a periwinkle sweater. He proceeded to show us his dog's tricks. The man would say a number and the dog would bark that number of times! Impressive!
  • Couple of bites of a cheddar bacon biscuit.
  • Discovering the absolute best antique shop I've ever been to, and finding a number of things I wanted. And, for once in my life, letting myself not worry about money and buying every single one of the things I wanted. Awesome.
my goods from the antique store!
Pulled Pork from Bunk Sandwiches
  • Quiet lunch with my husband and sister.
  • Stumbled upon crazy 24-hour House of Elvis art thing...
24-hour house of Elvis free art gallery
  • Another Portland photo booth. (progress on #5!)
  • A vegan cupcake made by my sister and served on a china plate!
vegan birthday cupcake!
  • Cup of hibiscus ginger tea.
  • Dr. Mario, pinball, Frogger, and racing games.
  • Cargo.
  • A simple dinner and a Tigger movie for Addison for an overall easy evening.
  • Letting Drew eat food (mushy baby food) with her fingers and make a big mess.
Drew feeds herself!
  • Birthday cards from special people.
  • Phone call from my dad.
  • Living room dance party, and birthday ice cream with Addison and Ben.
  • Quiet evening.
  • Cup of relaxing tea.
  • Going to bed early.

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Cheryle said...

I'm so glad your special day was so special to you. It seems as if you had a perfect 30th!