Thursday, October 28, 2010

little-big thoughts

At least two years ago, I made practicing gratitude my New Year's Resolution. I made fits and starts of it, but at least two years later, I can't say that I have mastered the art of expressing my thanks to the people and the everything-ness that bring blessings into my life. I'm stil working on that.

Piece by piece, busy-ness has found a way to encroach upon my Life. It's sort of strange how it happened. How one week I was making all my meals from scratch and gardening and doing projects with my children and around the house, and making playdates and pursuing hobbies and having phone conversations with my girlfriends, and suddenly, just a few short months later I found myself unable to find time to breathe.

I was eating my breakfast in the car or at my desk, or not at all. I was making dinner out of boxes. My children were clearly not getting enough mom and dad time. I would stay up later just to squeeze in an hour of "relaxation" after the dishes and laundry were done and the lunches had been made, only to wake up more tired the next morning than I was before. The guilt of putting my family off and the stress of putting my own needs off was suffocating.

It's so easy to lose ourselves!
I'm happy to say I took notice, and was able to take some steps back and reclaim a bit of myself and my time. Time to refocus on what is most important in my life! My family, my health, my friends, my joy.

I'm thankful for the clarity of mind to be able to recognize when my life needs a tune-up. I'm thankful for my parents who shaped me to be this way. I'm thankful for my husband, who supports my growth faithfully. I'm thankful for my friends, who love me even when I am off track and at my emotional worst. And, I am thankful for my children, who are there to greet me with smiles and laughter every day, regardless of my imperfections.


Tereclopes said...

When my first kid was born, the same happened to me.
But before i get exausted, i had to stop and think about priorities like landry, dishes to wash,cleaning the house etc.everything we need to do,it's to be done slowly don´t need to rush. Giving attention to ourselves and our family it's most important part.
Later had my third kid and i was 39.
I most confess that it was really hard to deal whith my daily with a new born and two teenagers, but whith calm, patience and lots of love you can everything.Now i have two granddaughters
the Beatriz whith 7 years and Carlota with 2, they are our princesses.
You and your husband are lovely fathers and you have beautifull kids.

I'm a Portuguese woman sorry my English.

Cheryle said...

I'm so glad you've been able to do this. I know that Ben and the kids will benefit as much as you will, and that will be a great gift for the whole family!