Monday, October 11, 2010

visiting the past

I recently received my husband's awesome "old" macbook with a 500G hardrive. Normally I don't care at all for the technical things with computers and technology, but the massive storage size of this new-to-me computer has allowed me to hold ALL of our music and photos on the computer. They were on an external hard drive before and largely inaccessible.

I bring this all up because since it is now all on one machine that I can use at my leisure, I have been perusing old photos and music files that I haven't seen or heard in ages. Its like reading an old diary, though less intense.

Here is an oldie from my personal soundtrack a lifetime ago.

And a newly discovered musical interest.

What songs do you love from your past and present?


Anna Walker said...

I am not sure, I have made playlists for years labeling them "2007" or a year like that and when I listen, it's super fun!

Joanna Goddard said...

i heard a blues traveler song in a cafe the other day and felt like i was back in high school! (also so funny about mad men + trader joes + sleeping baby...we are so similar! :)