Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the first day of Christmas....

Wow, what a week!
We've had:
  • 10 inches of snow,
the fattest squirrel in the world
  • took 9 sled runs down the hill, (which satisfies list item #3!)
  • watched the winter weather forecast for 7 days,
  • ate 6 cupcakes between the 3 of us today (guess who ate three all by herself),
  • made 5 quarts of soup,
  • enjoyed 4 holiday parties,
  • survived 3 snow days,

  • enjoyed a VERY rare evening staying up til 2am,
  • and now am mother to 1 toddler who turned 3 years old today!
birthday boy


Peggy said...

Happy birthday, mom! It's such a joy to see your boy grow - you're doing a good job!

mayaluna said...

Happy Happy Birthday! He's so beautiful! This was such a fun and fabulous post! Can't believe how much snow Portland has been getting! Happy Holidays and stay cozy:)