Monday, April 13, 2009

we made butter

We joined the ranks of bloggers who made homemade butter a couple weeks ago... This phenomenon seemed to sweep the blog world like wildfire!

homemade butter

here, and
here... just to name a few.

updated: and here! and here! got any more for me?

I was eager to try this myself since it seemed so easy, and somehow, almost magical. How does it turn yellow all by itself? Amazing!

The butter was amazing, though sadly, turned out to be more than we could eat before it went bad. If I do this again I will probably make half as much, or be much more diligent about "washing" the butter so it lasts longer.

But it was quite fun. We used the old fashioned shake-it-up-in-a-mason-jar method, which left my husband's and my arms nicely tired. I think Addison was a little weirded out by the whole thing, but he gave it a good shake or two in the end.

I used the buttermilk to make blueberry muffins (I have been craving anything with hot, plump, juicy fruit in it for weeks now) which was the perfect place to place a dollop of creamy butter and devour.

butter and blueberry muffines

If you still haven't tried this, I do recommend it.


chelsea said...

It looks amazing! I love butter.

rebecca said...

i know! mine went bad too before we could eat it all. :( oh well, i'm still going to do it again and, like you, will try to "wash" it better next time.

did you see brian ferry's post on making butter? we have since checked that cool book out from the library and plan on whipping up a thing or two.

suzanne b. said...

You have made me excited to try this! :)

Rhyleysgranny said...

You have started me on the butter trail. I haven't done this for years. My mother was brought up on a farm and she got the job of churning the butter. Of course in those days it was the old wooden butter churn. Thank you for dropping into my blog and leaving a comment