Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This was posted over at beauty that moves. Its such an important topic that I wanted to share it too.

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Cheryle said...

Thanks for posting this, Briana. We're fortunate here in the Portland area in the quality of our water. The Bull Run watershed has been proven over and over again to be of the highest quality, and its purity has been compared to that of rainwater, so there's really no good reason for locals to purchase bottled water. Well, unless the fixtures in their home are in disrepair. Even then, repairs are cheaper on the pocketbook and the environment in the long run than buying bottled water.

Although I occasionally buy bottled water, it's usually when I've lost yet another water bottle and need a new one. Then I re-use that one until I lose it!

The environmental costs to our planet are so great that we really do need to get a handle on this, though. The photos of the huge quantities of plastic from the middle of the oceans and that wash ashore should be enough to convince even the most skeptical.

I will work to mend my ways, and I appreciate this information.